“We appreciated John’s leadership and vision, and the processes Present Values put in place for Al. Neyer. He left us with a stronger balance sheet, record revenues and profits, and we were better positioned for growth locally and regionally. Present Values helped us discover and effectively engage in all the right issues.”

James T. Neyer
Executive Vice President of Real Estate Development for Al. Neyer

“On two separate occasions we engaged Present Values and John Handelsman to evaluate our readiness for the equipment finance business.  John and his team were thorough in getting to know our people and culture, and examining our existing commercial franchise against the prevailing market conditions.  Their expertise and contacts in the industry were invaluable to the process.  We accepted and agreed with their recommendations the first time to wait and then a few years later acted on their recommendations to launch.  John stuck around to help us execute and implement, taking a leading role in writing the strategic and business plans, shepherding those plans through our risk, credit and operations teams, recruiting the right staff and building a diversified backlog of good business.  John personally led our entry into the transportation equipment sector helping us close valuable aircraft and truck financing transactions  and connecting us to the rail car market too.”

Claude Davis
President and CEO of First Financial Bancorp

“We hired Present Values to present to our national sales team regarding the lease accounting change. Our desire was to fully understand the proposed accounting but also to develop a comprehensive list of potential strategic applications. Bill Bosco did a terrific job covering the technical side of the matter in terms that were totally understandable to sales professionals, and John Handelsman challenged us to creatively explore all appropriate proactive innovative product and market adjustments we might make. Present Values helped us prepare to continue to compete effectively in an industry where knowledge and differentiation are critical.”

Steve Hamilton
President and COO of CSI Leasing, Inc.

“Our work with Mike Hughes was to build a 5 year plan that would increase Dynamic, Inc. revenue by at least 15% year-over-year in three targeted areas, development, digital strategy, and a new product offering. From the beginning Mike was intent on understanding our business and spent days in our office talking and learning our process. All-in-all our experience with Mike was great, his ability to keep it simple and relevant to our industry is a testament to his skill set. Currently Dynamic, Inc. is on track to meet our goals based on the plan implemented. Thank you!!”

James Grunewald
Co-Owner of Dynamic, Inc.

“Present Values helped everybody stand back and look at our company and our own individual strengths and weaknesses. The executive coaches led by Tom Posey were able to command respect from senior level executives, improving our teamwork. John Handelsman was very good at focusing on the business strategy and defining how to make it happen. They all played a role in helping us get where we wanted to be.”

Scott B. Harsh
President, Managing Principal and CEO of Fund Evaluation Group, LLC

“John Herman not only helped us by cutting through complexities and getting a value based strategic plan, but he also mentored us through an extremely difficult and divisive season. He was able to see our issues from the macro and micro level. Based on this work, we foresee increasing revenue by 30% in the next 12-18 months, which will set us up for even more exciting opportunities in the future.”

Rhett Barbour
Owner and Vice President of TorchPrep