With an eye on new markets, RA engaged a consultant in 2012 to help prepare a strategic plan for growth. Unfortunately, according to company founder and owner John Allen, the RA leadership team was left high and dry. They had a plan on the shelf, but no guidance on how to implement it.

“We realized we needed help in actualizing our strategy to the point where it would truly impact our bottom line,” he says.

RA engaged Present Values to refine and update the plan, as well as facilitate execution.

In January 2013, Present Values led the leadership team in a cultural awareness and SWOT session. The exercise was designed to help RA clearly define its goals, agree on key strategies and initiatives, assign project owners and due dates, and create a living document to serve as a roadmap for the future.

“We came out of that session with a fabulous performance management tool called OGSM: Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures,” Allen says.

“Present Values helped us to critically analyze our executive team and how each member was relating to our strategic plan and our bottom line,” he adds.  “Now a year later, we have a leadership group better aligned to our enterprise-level objectives, with each member focused on their areas of highest and best use.”

With input from Present Values, RA has since hired a new operating executive and added expertise and capacity in the accounting, finance and reporting systems disciplines of the business.  The company has also started the intentional expansion to critical markets such as Dayton, OH, where it recently secured a large contract, Columbus, OH, and Louisville, KY, as well as markets on the outskirts of Cincinnati, such as Butler County, OH.

Present Values’ Stephen Peele, helped RA to focus on the interpersonal side of business.

“We don’t want to be the biggest engineering firm in the world,” Allen says.  “It’s more important that our people feel connected to the company and know how their contributions tie to our collective success.  Present Values is particularly skilled at helping resolve relational challenges and build cohesive teams.”

Along with staff changes, RA Consulting is rebounding from the loss of a major client who shut down operations in 2013.

“After a great 2012, with record top line and bottom line results, 2013 was a rough year for our business,” Allen says.  “Present Values has shepherded us through an opportunity to reinvent ourselves.  I became aware of shortcomings I could not see before and am newly empowered to create a much-improved and diversified company.”

“John Handelsman has been a role model for me not only professionally, but personally,” he adds.  “With his savvy, well-rounded experience as an entrepreneur and multi-disciplined business executive, and his strong convictions as a human being, he has helped me as a business owner to do something that is both painfully difficult and highly rewarding: stretch.”