A non-denominational ministry inspired to reconcile relationships, Outback America sponsors faith-based weekend retreats for families in the fall and spring of each year and supports men’s groups that meet weekly for fellowship, discipleship, and accountability. The organization is headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and has grown to cities throughout the country.

Richard Stimpson, an investment counselor, has served as the president of Outback’s board of directors since 2007. He met John Handelsman when John expressed interest in starting an Outback America branch in Cincinnati.

Richard’s first impression of John was that he was a get-it-done type of person. “But I found he was also an excellent listener,” Stimpson said. “As much as he knew about so many things, he was open to learning from our experience in what it takes to start a new organization.”

With John’s leadership, Cincinnati held its first experience weekend in October 2010.

“We quickly realized John’s many talents and asked him to join the all-volunteer board of our national organization,” Stimpson said. “We knew we needed to reformat our structure, and John has a history of success in that area.”

With John’s direction, the board formed a strategic oversight committee, and that group implemented the use of important organizational development tools to chart a reality-based plan for the future.

“The team spent 10 months coming up with multiple options for our new format and most importantly, praying together,” Stimpson said. “Because of the committee’s preliminary work, it was easy for us as a board to narrow down the best choices.”

John helped the group to develop a financial plan to fund the organization’s future growth through a national fundraising strategy. He also helped streamline the board’s role and makeup for greater efficiency.

“Before John’s involvement, we were just operating. Now we’re operating strategically,” Stimpson said, and added:

“John is highly focused and efficient in his triple role as an Outback America board member, a consultant to our organization, and chairman of our Cincinnati chapter. He takes a systematic approach to problem solving, from financial to personnel issues. Yet despite his considerable gifts, he is also very humble. All of us appreciate how he’s moved us forward, especially when we found ourselves in a logjam. He helped us understand why change was important and then empowered us to make the best choices for our present and future.”

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John Handelsman Present Values CEO

John V. Handelsman founded Present Values in 2003. He wanted to share the wisdom he had discovered as the leader of several organizations facing a new reality. He has served a wide variety of businesses—from leveraged finance to healthcare, from industrial technology to commercial real estate—helping them start, grow, revive, or reposition.