When we open our eyes to who we are and where we are right now, in this present moment, we open the doors to a better future.

Meet Our Team

Our Story

Although the name Present Values comes from the lexicon of the financial industry, it means much more to us. When people grasp reality today, they begin creating the kind of wealth that goes beyond the balance sheet and can only grow over time.

Founded in 2003, Present Values understands the unique challenges that business owners and corporate leaders face.  We are results-oriented, problem solvers with deep experience in a variety of industries including Leveraged Finance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Creative Services.

Three paradigms guide our work and differentiate us from our competitors.

1. We always start with REALITY.
We believe that none of us can visit the truth on our own.

2. We focus everything we do around GROWTH.
We believe that it’s critical for every business to know for certain what drives the value of their company from a market perspective.

3. We create and codify ALIGNMENT.
Meaning that your leaders and core resources are all actively working towards what you are trying to accomplish.